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    6 Signs Your Business Needs an Omnichannel Contact Center

    Ever had that internal debate between want and need? We get it – it’s a tricky balance, especially when it comes to investing in your business. And many companies are at a crossroads when it comes to adopting an omnichannel contact center. Is it just a nice-to-have, or is it an absolute must-have, and how do they decide?

    If that’s you right now, don’t worry. We’re here to help! Let’s unravel this mystery by asking six key questions to help you make the right call.

    1. Are your customers contacting you through multiple channels?

    In a world where communication channels are as diverse as your customer base, being accessible is non-negotiable. Did you know that 40 percent of consumers won’t do business with a company that can’t be reached on their preferred channel? That’s a significant chunk of potential revenue left on the table. An omnichannel contact center ensures that you’re there for your customers, whether it’s email, chat, phone, text, or social media.

    2. Are you losing track of customer conversations?

    Picture this: a customer reaches out to your business via email but receives no response. Frustrated, they try calling, only to be directed to another department where they must repeat their issue from scratch. Sound familiar? It’s a common scenario, with 79 percent of customers expecting consistent interactions across departments, yet a staggering 55 percent feeling like they’re communicating with separate entities rather than one cohesive company.

    An omnichannel contact center solves this dilemma by consolidating all communication channels into one platform. Whether email, phone calls, social media messages, or live chat, every interaction is logged and accessible to all relevant team members. This ensures that every question is answered and customers receive the consistent, unified experience they expect.

    3. Do you struggle to maintain a personalized customer experience?

    In the era of personalized everything, 73 percent of customers crave an experience tailored to their preferences. However, 60 percent report that most companies treat them as a number, not an individual.

    If you’re struggling with providing the kind of care your clients want, it’s time for an omnichannel contact center. It allows your team to access a comprehensive profile for each customer, including past interactions, purchase history, and preferences. Armed with this information, your agents can:

    • Recommend products based on previous purchases
    • Address concerns raised in previous interactions
    • Check in about a recently purchased product or service
    • And more!

    An omnichannel contact center empowers you to treat each customer as a person, not just a transaction.

    These profiles also help you understand what customers like and dislike and even predict future needs. For instance, if a customer frequently asks about product warranties, you can proactively offer warranty information in the future. That kind of customer knowledge goes a long way in building customer loyalty!

    4. Is your customer base growing?

    A growing customer base is undoubtedly a positive sign for your business but also brings new challenges. As customer interactions multiply, traditional communication methods struggle to keep up.

    An omnichannel contact center effortlessly grows alongside your business, ensuring that each customer receives the attention they deserve, even as you’re adding new agents or locations. After all, all the information you need is in one location, helping you manage every channel well, no matter how many interactions there are.

    5. Does your team need a productivity boost?

    Productivity is the lifeblood of any effective support team. However, many employees are bogged down by busy work, unable to help as many customers as they’d like. According to a 2022 study by Formstack, more than half of American employees waste two hours a day on repetitive tasks.

    If your team is drowning in this kind of “work about work,” an omnichannel contact center is the life raft they need. Why? Because of built-in task automation. Automating hum drum tasks lets your team to focus on what truly matters – building relationships. And employees agree! Over 90 percent of workers agreed that automation increases productivity, and 85 percent say these solutions make cross-team collaboration much easier. So it’s safe to say that omnichannel automations results in a more efficient and motivated CX team, who are dedicated professionals that analyze customer feedback and data, share insights with the entire organization, and are ready to tackle any challenge.

    6. Do you miss opportunities for upselling?

    Every customer interaction is a potential revenue opportunity. However, upselling chances may slip through the cracks without a comprehensive view of customer interactions.

    An omnichannel approach eliminates this blind spot, offering insights into customer behavior and preferences. In fact, it’s reported that upsells and renewals make up 70 to 95 percent of the revenue for companies who offer them. An omnichannel contact center allows you to capitalize on these opportunities, boosting your bottom line.

    So, Here’s the Bottom Line

    If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, it’s time to upgrade to an omnichannel contact center solution. It’s not a luxury reserved for corporate giants. It’s a strategic necessity for any business that wants to thrive in our ultra-customer-centric corporate landscape.

    Provide the Support Your Customers Expect with United Business Technologies

    From maintaining consistency across channels to understanding and anticipating customer needs, the benefits of omnichannel support are undeniable. And UBT’s platform can help you enjoy them all.

    We’ve packed all the good stuff into one neat platform – voice, chat, SMS, social media – you name it, we’ve got it covered. No more juggling between channels or dropping the ball on customer questions.

    Got questions? Want to see it in action? Check out our page or contact our team; we’d be happy to help. Upgrade now to give your customers the VIP treatment they deserve!