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    The Most Common Pain Points a VoIP Phone Alleviates

    The benefits of VoIP go well beyond the physical connection. VoIP streamlines business communication to elevate you past your competitors and into the leader in your field. Even government entities are seeing the value of VoIP. For example, recently, in Cook County, Illinois, they completed a five-year transition of more than 21,000 phone lines that have been used since the 1970s to VoIP. According to the article, the $25 million investment will pay for itself within a decade.

    Is VoIP magic? No, but your customers will think it is. VoIP turns your obscure, faceless business into an accessibility machine, allowing you to talk to and help customers wherever they are without any fuss. You are bringing simplicity into their lives, which may feel like magic.

    How Does VoIP Benefit My Business?

    The idea is simple: streamline your business and communication needs as much as possible. By bringing VoIP into your business, you reduce costs and simplify IT management. The benefits of VoIP mean less time wasted dealing with the phone company when something inevitably goes wrong. You need every bit of time and energy spent on your business, not dealing with other companies’ antiquated problems.

    What Pain Points Does VoIP Solve?

    You deserve the best for your business and employees whenever possible. Upgrading your technology infrastructure will ease the stresses of your customers and employees by bringing up-to-date solutions. You no longer need to piecemeal together a viable business communications platform. With industry-leading service and support, United Business Technologies is a partner you can rely on, not just another vendor you have to work with.

    Scalability and Flexibility

    You need to be prepared for anything that comes your way. A benefit of VoIP is the immediacy with which you can absorb and react to any situation. Have you been hit by an influx of calls because one of the t-shirts your company created was inadvertently shown in a viral social media post? That volume is not a problem when you have a VoIP system. You can scale up or down to whatever is needed without drops or interruptions in service.

    Chances are you live in an area prone to inclement weather, and VoIP can provide the flexibility you need to overcome any potential outages and be there for your customers. You can route calls to cell phones or allow employees to work remotely for their safety. Flexibility is VoIP’s middle name.


    The truth is that economic changes can happen instantly; COVID-19 is proof that it can happen at any time. Any cost savings are a must. There is no need to wait and look for cost-cutting savings when the time calls for it; you need to be looking at that now, and the benefit of VoIP is a great place to start. On average, you can save as much as 50 percent of your ongoing telecommunications costs and up to 90 percent of installation costs when switching to VoIP. Can you imagine the business improvements you can make with those savings?

    Security and Redundancy

    With VoIP, you aren’t leaving your connectivity to chance. Encryption is a cornerstone benefit of VoIP. The conversations your customers and employees are having cannot be routed or recorded without the knowledge of your organization. Of course, you have the ability to record for quality assurance purposes, but someone trying to tap into the line, like in the movies, really isn’t the reality. The voice packets are sent to the recipient and reassembled to complete the connection.

    Back to our disaster scenario from above, VoIP is redundant, meaning if half the country has lost power, the data connection will be routed to a still-working data center to complete the call. You will not be down because of a lack of connection. You may be down due to power issues or something far outside of VoIP control, but those scenarios should be accounted for in a business continuity or disaster recovery plan.

    The Benefits of VoIP Will Catapult Your Business Capabilities into the Future

    You need to strongly consider the benefits of VoIP and how your business can improve by incorporating its technological advances. VoIP isn’t new, but it has become the standard for replacing copper telephone lines. Now is your chance to move technologies before analog telephone lines are extinct. The FCC has deregulated them and will stop being supported by companies in 2025.

    UBT is here to help guide you into the next phase of business communication. Contact us today, and let’s move you toward a more secure future.