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    The Problem with POTS Lines: They’re Costing You Too Much Money

    Virtually every technology used in business has changed immensely over the past few decades. However, many businesses are still using traditional POTS landlines, which hasn’t changed much after many years. As POTS lines begin to become more costly, alternatives offer more holistic communications services for lower costs.

    Why are POTS lines getting so expensive and how can you replace them with better and cheaper alternatives? Learn more about cutting landline costs and switching to VoIP.

    The Decline of POTS Lines

    POTS, or plain old telephone service, line is the traditional analog telephone line that has been used for decades. It’s a generally reliable way to transmit voice calls between homes and businesses. POTS lines are usually provided by traditional telecom companies through a physical infrastructure of copper wires. To set your business up with POTS lines you need to physically wire up your phone system. The same is true if you want to add lines.

    There are a few problems with POTS lines in the modern business environment. A major issue is that they just don’t offer the communication features that are available today. Companies that use POTS lines likely need to use other services for email, file sharing, conference calling, and other important features.

    The other problem is that POTS lines are going away. According to the FCC, there were 122 million POTS lines in the United States in 2010. Today, that number declined to less than 41 million. The problems with POTS lines often translate to higher landline costs for your business.

    Rising POTS Landline Costs

    The dwindling availability of copper POTS lines means they will be more expensive for people who want them. However, there are also several indirect costs associated with POTS lines:

    • Maintenance costs: POTS requires a physical infrastructure, unlike alternatives like VoIP. Physical equipment needs maintenance and upgrades that can be expensive.
    • Limited features: Again, POTS lines are good for voice calling, but if you want any of the other features that have become standard in business communication, you’ll need to pay for additional services.
    • Regulatory fees: Traditional phone services are subject to regulatory fees and taxes that alternative options don’t have to deal with.

    Again, this is all on top of the increasing price of installation and service costs associated with POTS lines. While traditional lines last, they will only become more expensive until they go away entirely.

    The Transition to VoIP

    POTS are losing ground, primarily to VoIP. VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol, and it refers to communication systems that are sent over the internet, rather than traditional phone lines. Most, if not all, businesses are already paying for internet service, so consolidating all your communications methods into one bill can help reduce landline costs.

    VoIP services are also more scalable and flexible than traditional phone lines. Since you are utilizing the internet, there is no need for physical installation, unless you opt for special equipment like VoIP phones. When your business grows, your VoIP service can easily grow with you.

    Plus, as more businesses embrace hybrid work cultures, VoIP systems make it much easier for your teams to collaborate, whenever they are. With a traditional phone line, they are tethered to their desk.

    Cut Your Landline Costs Today

    POTS lines have been a reliable communication method for decades, but they are becoming increasingly expensive and outdated for modern businesses.

    As POTS lines begin to affect your bottom line, it’s time for your business to consider transitioning to VoIP services with United Business Technologies. Not only will you save money, but you will also get communication features and more scalability for your business. Contact UBT today to learn more about reducing your landline costs and embracing VoIP today.