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    The Versatility of Hosted VoIP Phones in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

    Companies are starting to realize that traditional phone systems can slow them down. Specifically because the world of communication is constantly getting upgraded with new and improved innovations. Businesses need something more versatile. They need hosted VoIP phone systems, especially since more than 90 percent of companies consider their phone systems as their main means of communication.

    Check out this blog to learn more about the differences between traditional and hosted VoIP phone systems!

    Let’s prove it with a little illustration. Meet Darryl, the fictional manager of a local hotel chain in the heart of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Darryl always had a knack for adapting to change. Still, when his traditional phone system started causing more headaches than convenience, he knew it was time for an upgrade.

    What Makes Hosted VoIP Phone Systems So Versatile?

    And upgrade he did. Darryl and his team soon discovered why so many companies across the country are choosing to make the switch to VoIP.

    Simpler Management of Phone Lines and More

    Darryl quickly realized that managing his communication became a breeze with hosted VoIP phone systems. Unlike the cumbersome traditional phone system, the hosted VoIP system took the stress of phone management off his shoulders. His provider, United Business Technologies, took care of all the heavy lifting for him, from adding new extensions to customizing his call routing. Now he could focus on his true passion – hospitality and customer service.

    Top-Tier Communication at Half the Price

    Running a hotel chain involves careful budgeting. Darryl realized that his traditional phone system was draining more funds than necessary. Hosted VoIP phones proved to be a cost-effective alternative. The switch reduced his monthly bills by 60 percent and eliminated the need for expensive hardware upgrades. Darryl found himself with extra cash to invest in enhancing the overall experience for his guests.

    Business-Boosting Features

    Darryl realized that hosted VoIP phones offered more than just the ability to make and receive calls. The system came packed with enhanced features that made managing reservations, handling inquiries, and connecting with guests a breeze.

    • Call forwarding enables Darryl to redirect calls to the right staff member when one is on vacation or another is sick, making sure every call gets answered.
    • Auto-attendants ensure guests calling any of Darryl’s hotels are greeted with a professional and customized message, guiding them to the appropriate department for information.
    • Plug-and-play CRM and management integrations help Darryl’s team keep track of guest interactions and preferences, allowing for personalized and efficient service and streamlined reservation management at each location.

    All these features and more took Darryl’s communication game to new heights.

    Powerful, Unified Communication

    Unlike his old system, which only allowed basic voice calls, the new system integrated various communication channels. Now, Darryl could seamlessly switch between voice calls, video conferencing, and instant messaging – all from a single platform.

    Now he could:

    • Conduct virtual meetings with his staff and suppliers, saving time and ensuring everyone was on the same page.
    • Make quick decisions or accommodate a last-minute room change, ensuring all requests and issues are resolved ASAP, even if they are in different parts of the property.
    • Track and review important conversations with the platform’s centralized call log.
    • Plus, a whole lot more!

    Improved Customer Service

    Hosted VoIP brought a new level of professionalism to Darryl’s hotels. The interactive voice recognition feature ensured that calls were promptly directed to the correct department or staff member. No more lost reservations or frustrated guests – the improved customer service was evident from day one.

    But that’s not all. With the right hosted VoIP vendor, Darryl gained access to 24/7 expert support, online knowledge base tools, and enhanced business continuity. The result? A seamless communication experience that satisfied guests and reduced stress for Darryl and his team.

    The Ability to Work Well Remotely

    Darryl often found himself on the move, running errands, overseeing events, or attending conferences. His traditional system caused communication disruptions in the past, leading to missed calls and disgruntled guests.

    However, with his hosted VoIP mobile app, Darryl can now stay connected from anywhere with an internet connection. He can check voicemails, answer calls, and even participate in video meetings – all while on the go. The flexibility provided by VoIP ensured that Darryl could continue to support his team at each of his hotels, regardless of his physical location.

    Greater and Simpler Scalability

    As Darryl’s local hotel chain continued to grow, he faced the challenge of scaling up his system. This is where the beauty of hosted VoIP systems shone through. Unlike traditional phone systems that required expensive and time-consuming installations for each new line, hosted VoIP allowed Darryl to grow quickly, easily, and affordably.

    Darryl didn’t have to worry about extensive wiring or waiting for technicians to add more lines. Whether it was bringing in more staff during peak seasons or opening up a new location, the hosted VoIP system adapted to his needs without breaking a sweat.

    Choose the Best Hosted VoIP Phone System with UBT

    Whether you’re a local hotel chain in Cedar Rapids or a growing business in any industry, hosted VoIP phones are the perfect way to get ahead – and stay ahead. Especially if you choose United Business Technologies (UBT), a local provider that can help you flourish one VoIP feature at a time. Make the switch as Darryl did and experience the versatility and convenience of hosted VoIP phones today!