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    How to Choose the Right Hosted PBX Provider in Cedar Rapids

    It’s hard to believe businesses relied on big, clunky phone systems that required significant space in the past. However, you can’t argue with results, and these systems always managed to help you achieve the goals you set forth. While many people still rely on outdated, on-premise POTS lines, many businesses are beginning to make the switch to modern options like hosted PBX.

    It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that more and more businesses are upgrading. It’s no secret that on-premise phone systems are expensive, but did you know that hosted PBX systems save small businesses about 45 percent each month on communication costs compared to traditional phone systems? This is substantial! On-premise phone systems also require more hardware and software than hosted PBX solutions, are challenging to scale, and offer limited flexibility.

    If you’re a business owner in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and you’re looking to upgrade your phone system, you might be wondering how to choose the right hosted PBX provider. Fortunately, we’ll help you make that choice below.

    What are the Benefits of Hosted PBX?

    Switching to a hosted PBX system for your business comes with some pretty cool perks. First off, it’s like decluttering your office – no more bulky phone machines taking up valuable space. Everything goes digital and organized in the online world, making your workplace feel more streamlined and modern.

    One of the best things about hosted PBX is the freedom it gives you. You can answer work calls from pretty much anywhere – be it your favorite coffee shop or your cozy couch at home. It’s like bringing your office along wherever you go. Plus, when your team needs to connect, share ideas, or collaborate, hosted PBX makes it a breeze. It’s like having a virtual meeting room where everyone can join in, making teamwork way smoother. With hosted PBX, it’s not just about upgrading your phone system; it’s about simplifying your work life and bringing in a new level of flexibility. So, what are some of the other benefits?


    Hosted PBX offers businesses a scalable communication solution tailored to their growth trajectory. Unlike traditional phone systems that may require costly and time-consuming upgrades to accommodate expanding operations, hosted PBX seamlessly adjusts to evolving needs. This scalability ensures that businesses can easily add or remove lines, features, and users, optimizing resources without incurring significant upfront or ongoing expenses. Whether a company experiences rapid growth or needs to adapt to changing circumstances, hosted PBX providers offer the flexibility and cost-effectiveness necessary to scale operations without the usual headaches associated with traditional phone system expansions.

    Lowered Costs

    As was mentioned above, one of the primary reasons organizations are looking to make the switch is to cut costs. The same data from above also shows that up to 50 percent of all telecom costs can be saved when your company upgrades to a hosted PBX provider. This occurs as a result of trimming costs through several key mechanisms. By operating in the cloud, it eliminates upfront expenses associated with purchasing traditional phone system equipment. The burden of maintenance is lifted as service providers handle updates and repairs, sparing businesses from additional IT staffing costs. Utilizing the internet for calls reduces or eliminates long-distance charges, providing notable savings.

    Increased Productivity

    According to recent data, hosted PBX solutions increase productivity by 67 percent compared to traditional phone systems. The magic happens when your team realizes they can answer calls and collaborate from virtually anywhere. Whether it’s responding to a client from a cozy home office or coordinating with colleagues at a favorite cafe, hosted PBX offers flexibility that translates into increased productivity. The ease of communication and the ability to stay seamlessly connected empower your team to work efficiently, turning the dial up on productivity while adapting to the modern, dynamic demands of the business world.

    Infographic about Hosted PBX Provider


    Hosted PBX stands out for its unmatched flexibility, empowering businesses to adapt to the dynamic demands of modern communication. Unlike rigid traditional phone systems, hosted PBX allows users to work from virtually anywhere, answering calls and staying connected whether in the office, at home, or on the go. The cloud-based nature of hosted PBX ensures that businesses can quickly scale up or down, adding or removing features and users as needed. This adaptability not only enhances day-to-day operations but also accommodates changes in business strategy, making hosted PBX an invaluable tool for those seeking a communication solution that effortlessly aligns with their ever-evolving needs.

    Choosing the Right Hosted PBX Provider | How It’s Done

    You might have been familiar with the benefits, but choosing the right hosted PBX provider is certainly a challenge. Hosted phone solutions have grown by 212 percent since the pandemic, with over 1,000 businesses currently in operation, meaning you might be having a hard time making the right choice. Fortunately, we’ll give you some tips to consider below.

    • The hosted PBX provider should be easy to do business with. Your chosen provider must deliver a smooth journey from the first inquiry to onboarding and beyond. Their sales and support teams should embody expertise, responsiveness, and a genuine willingness to collaborate in finding the optimal solution for your requirements. Seek out a provider committed to transparency, offering clear insights into pricing and contract terms, and a commitment to steer clear of any hidden fees.
    • Their phone services should meet YOUR requirements. Before settling on a hosted PBX provider, take a moment to map out your exact needs and confirm that the solution aligns with them. Evaluate aspects such as scalability, call quality, the array of features, and compatibility with other essential business applications. It’s crucial to partner with a provider capable of customizing a solution that perfectly fits the scale, industry, and unique communication demands of your business.
    • Their phones must be easy to set up. One of the major perks of modern phone technology lies in its simplicity. When choosing a hosted PBX provider, prioritize those that streamline the setup process, ensuring it’s swift and uncomplicated, minimizing downtime and business disruption. Ideally, opt for a provider offering a plug-and-play solution, eliminating the need for extensive technical know-how during implementation.
    • Their phones must be easy to use. Optimal hosted PBX solutions prioritize user-friendliness, ensuring accessibility for all members of your organization, regardless of their technical proficiency. Look for a provider offering a solution with an intuitive interface, enabling employees to navigate and utilize the system effortlessly. This encompasses tasks like making and receiving calls, managing voicemails, and tapping into advanced features such as conference calling, call forwarding and call recording.
    • They must offer exceptional customer service. Dependable customer experience and robust technical support are paramount for any technological solution. Make sure that your hosted PBX provider is dedicated to promptly and effectively addressing any issues that may arise. Seek a provider offering diverse support channels, such as phone, email, and chat, ensuring 24/7 availability. With United’s service model, users serve as the initial point of contact for support. However, should any issues arise, they have the option to either initiate a support call or open a service ticket. What sets our service apart is our “White Glove” approach, wherein we assume full responsibility for all programming and service requests. We distinguish ourselves by eliminating the expectation for users to engage in Tier 1 programming or troubleshooting. Clearly outlining the distinction between self-service options and our White Glove service is intended to provide enhanced clarity and understanding for our valued users.

    Ready to Make the Switch? United Business Technologies Has You Covered

    Elevate your business communications for your Cedar Rapids company by utilizing the cutting-edge advantages of hosted PBX! Say goodbye to bulky phone systems and hello to streamlined efficiency. Enjoy the freedom to answer calls from anywhere, boost team collaboration, and scale seamlessly with a solution tailored to your growth. With potential savings of up to 45 percent on communication costs, hosted PBX ensures a modern, flexible, and cost-effective communication strategy. Make the smart choice for your Cedar Rapids business – embrace hosted PBX and experience a new level of productivity, cost efficiency, and communication freedom. Reach out today to revolutionize your business communications! Contact a knowledgeable staff member at 319-298-9056 to learn more today.