Managing integrated communications solutions.
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Why choose United Business Technologies, Inc.

We want to be viewed as an extension of your management team and technical team – not just a vendor. We analyze your life safety, voice and data communications needs and make recommendations based on the best products from a variety of manufacturers to resolve issues and keep within your budget. UBT founders have decades of practical experience not just in consulting but also in implementation.
UBT can assist your business, by doing the following: reducing costs and stay within your budget, providing better service, increasing employee efficiency and providing proactive remote technical monitoring and support.

Reduce costs and stay within budget  

  • A customized road map focuses on integrating existing equipment and migrating to new systems as needed to allow you to get the most out of your investment and budget for upgrades. Our experts do the comparison shopping. This allows budgets to focus on the issues that need to be resolved first.
  • Your communications systems are customized to your needs now – with your corporate culture in mind -- while planning for growth.

Better service 

  • Make one call to report issues for all communications systems.
  • A customized communication path simplifies our ability to remotely troubleshoot and provide a platform for communication between your staff and our technicians.
  • With a network of qualified and dedicated technicians we can dispatch technical service professionals with the expertise to quickly resolve your specific issue.
  • If you purchase a system from us, we service it.
  • If we integrate a service you didn't buy from us, we can service it.

Increase employee efficiency 

  • Spend less time researching product lines and dealing with vendors because we do the research for you.
  • Leverage your employees by using our experienced technicians to train your technicians to correct complicated problems.
  • Increase productivity by avoiding network slowdowns through learning what’s causing the problems and how to stop them.

Proactive remote technical monitoring and support 

  • Our reporting tool remotely assesses systems and predicts possible malfunctions as they develop.
  • Our network assessment will indicate real-time traffic flow on your network to determine bottlenecks.
  • Real-time statistics pinpoint where you need to invest in technology now -- and which upgrades should be included in your focused technology plan.